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  • Tina Brown

    Hi there!!


    My name is Tina Brown. My husband, Scott, and I would like to convey our experience, with your company, on Good Friday, and continuing......




    I will start at the beginning ( you may want to have a coffee. This could be a long one. Lol)


    Thursday evening, we had four, large, tree limbs come down, due to the ice storm. One of those limbs tore our hydro stack away from the house, and to the ground. ( just before 9pm) We still had power.  Sadly, our live line was laying across the road, to the hydro post. So, hydro came, and cut our power. (3amish). I went out to them, and asked if they would be reconnecting it, as we now we're without hydro, and heat. Hydro guy says no, you call insurance/electrician, who fixes your stack, and calls us back.  Needless to say, this was upsetting to me. ( also, I have never had an insurance claim. No idea what to do). So, unhappily, I took lots of photos, and called emergency claims dept. I sat on hold for 1 1/2hours. Having not had any sleep, I was feeling tired, stressed, and very overwhelmed. Finally, having finished starting my claim, I was able to start calling electricians.   I called many electric services. I left messages on answering machines. ( none of which ever did return my call, to see if we still needed help). Then I called Conestogo (you). I spoke to a live person!! Yay! This lady was so amazing! She took control of the conversation, helped me navigate all necessary information, and told me that your company would take care of me, and that I would hear from someone soon! This was at 5am. ( I have, since, come to learn that you utilize an answering service) she instilled,  in me, a sense of confidence in your company.  I felt like I could relax after speaking to her. I was even able to close my eyes for an hour and a half.  ( I did't get her name). Then, a couple hours later, SImon called me. He asked how we were doing. Did we have small children. Did we need him to drop us a generator. He then expressed how swamped your electrician were, at that time, and assured me that he would keep me posted on an ETA.  Simon, was very professional, caring, and again, gave me a great sense of confidence in your company. And, that we could relax, as we were in good hands. Simon called us back, in an hour, and said he was on his way. ( can I tell you? That we did not expect to see a face for many hours). He arrived, with a wave, and, a huge smile ( after a morning, that I am sure was so very stressful for him) checked for a parts list. Said this was not a problem, At all. He was very confident. He assured us he would be back within a couple of hours, as he needed to get his parts list for one other job, before heading to the shop to load up.   He was back, much sooner than that, with help! Enter Darren.  Simon was jovial, professional, and pleasant through out his work. We were so happy that no one else returned our calls. Lol! This experience was really the best it could be, considering only hours before I was over tired, and overwhelmed. I now felt really good!  The stack looks amazing! The work was clean. And, he even re sat our shutter ( which had been pulled off with the stack) we noticed, surprised, and happy, after Simon, and Darren left.  So, all the while Simon was working, Darren was making necessary calls for permits etc. There was very clear communication to us, regarding timelines, expectations ( hydro/ESA) which, helped us not stress.  After the work was done, and hydro had been called, Darren stayed in touch, via text, to check in as to whether our hydro was turned on. The guys left at 1:35 that afternoon. By 7 pm, we had't seen hydro yet. So Darren offered to call, on our behalf. He then text later in the evening to check in, and again the next morning ( to which, I was happy to reply YES, we have power) even, this afternoon, I contacted Darren for an ETA on our invoice, as insurance had called looking for it,  and he checked, and returned my call within 5 minutes. And, said he will be in touch to let us know when the invoice will be ready. :D.


    I would like to tell you that those two guys, Simon, and Darren, have made a horrible experience, for us, can I say, Pleasant?


    We Will never hesitate to recommend your company, Simon, or Darren to anyone who has need of electric services.


    As background, I am in the service industry, and have my own business. As such, I appreciate that good customer service is rare, anymore. I feel like we always hear from the negative nellies, on everything we all do wrong. There is great importance in rewarding, and recognizing things that are done well, and, very well.  That is why I felt that you should understand how disparaged we felt, and, how uplifting our experience was.


    Thank you!


    Stay Happy!!

    Tina Brown

  • Mat Nadrofsky

     Great company that went the extra mile for me. They delivered the quote personally and both Keats and Matt were excellent to work with. The workmanship was top notch and the job was completed on time and on budget.   I will be using them for all of my needs in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family going forward.

  • Ryan Garnett

    Called for some help about a couple electrical questions I had, person who I spoke to was very helpful and able to explain what was going on very clearly. Would definitely call them again if I needed electrical work done.

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